Post-Surgery Care

Rechecks are available at no charge Monday through Thursday, at our clinic in Kentwood, during our surgery hours and by appointment. If you have questions or concerns after our regular hours, please contact C-SNIP at the number on the back of your spay/neuter certificate.

Since spay/neuter scars are difficult to detect once healed; a tattoo placed on the abdomen is a thin line that is a permanent indication that the surgery has been performed. This will prevent an unnecessary exploratory surgery in the future. The tattoo is not optional. 

If there are any questions or concerns directly related to the surgery during the recovery period, please call the office at (616) 455-8220 Option 2. For evenings and weekend recovery/incision advice ONLY call (616) 350-6966.

Read Your Paperwork Carefully

Check out your spay/neuter certificate carefully. At the bottom, you will see a section marked SURGERY SUMMARY that notes any additional problems we may have noticed while your pet was with us. Please see your regular veterinarian for treatment.

Treatments for fleas are available from C-SNIP before you leave if those conditions are noted in the SURGERY SUMMARY section.

  • A list of services performed today is also listed on your spay/neuter certificate.
  • If your pet received a rabies vaccination while with us the certificate of vaccination is included in our paperwork
  • If your pet had a microchip inserted today, the paperwork is included in your paperwork and you will need to register your microchip.

Make sure to keep your certificate of spaying or neutering with your pet’s record.  You may need proof of spaying or neutering in the future and a fee will have to be paid if we need to reissue a certificate.