In 2001, C-SNIP began as a mobile clinic to address the growing overpopulation of dogs and cats and the euthanasia of unwanted companion animals in West Michigan. It was the first high-volume, reduced-cost nonprofit spay/neuter solution in the region. Our founders’ dream became a reality after three years of community conversations, countless hours of planning, and building a broad-base of community support. Once operational, the need for C-SNIP’s services and mission quickly outpaced the capacity of its mobile clinic.

In 2006 C-SNIP sold its mobile unit and moved into a stationary clinic at our current Kentwood location. This move allowed us to nearly tripled our capacity and become a recognized expert in high volume spay and neuter surgery. As a result of this growing expertise, MSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine asked us to serve as a rotation partner, teaching our specialized surgical skills to approximately 50 senior veterinary students annually. Since opening our doors in 2001, C-SNIP has broken the cycle of overpopulation for nearly 160,000 companion dogs and cats, significantly impacting the region’s drop in shelter euthanasia rates.

When our building was first donated.