Snippets Quarterly Newsletter - Winter 2022

Snippets is a publication of C-SNIP featuring our latest news, pet care tips, moving client stories and more.

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2021 - A Record Setting Year

In addition to observing our 20th Anniversary, we hit numerous other milestones in 2021. From performing our 200,000th surgery, to helping a record setting 952 feral/community cats, it really was an amazing 12 months.

Check out these fun facts and figures.

BISSELL Pet Foundation Grant - Meet Tammy

Our surgical fees are already priced well below industry average. Still, there are animal caretakers in our community who need even more financial assistance to ensure their dog or cat never has an unplanned litter. This is where generous individuals and organizations like BISSELL Pet Foundation (BPF)  come in.

Tammy was one of the first cats helped by BPF this year and she is quite the character. 
Read Tammy's story and learn more about BISSELL Pet Foundation.

February is Spay & Neuter Awareness Month.

´╗┐Do you know the most common benefits of this common surgery?

Benefits include;

  • Animal health - eliminating certain cancers and reducing incidences of infection
  • Animal behavior - preventing or reducing certain annoying and dangerous behaviors
  • Monetary - saving money on pet licensing
  • Community - preventing over-population

Find out how does this common surgery really makes a difference by checking out our Spay&Neuter Benefits Fact Sheet.

Pet Safety Tips - Winter

Keeping your pet happy and healthy in a West Michigan winter takes a few extra steps than in a milder climate.  
Exposure to severe cold weather is the most obvious hazard to our furry friends.  But there are other hidden dangers that some pet owners aren't aware of.   More important tips found on our Winter Safety Tips fact sheet..

2020 Annual Report

As we look back on 2020, C-SNIP demonstrated its resiliency and adaptability as we adjusted to the impact of COVID-19 on our community and on our clinics. Despite significant challenges, we broke the breeding cycle for approximately 12,000 at-risk dogs and cats with our high-quality but reduced cost spay/neuter service. Also, we continued to implement our vision to increase access to veterinary care with the opening of our new Community Well Pet Clinic. Learn how C-SNIP improved the lives of dogs, cats, and the people who loved them this past year.

Check out our 2020 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

As we closed out the 2019-year last December, no one could have predicted that in just a few short months, COVID-19 would rock our world. However, 2019 was a great year for C-SNIP- one of community impact and continued growth that should be celebrated! We broke the breeding cycle for over 11,000 at-risk dogs and cats with our high-quality but reduced cost spay/neuter service. Want to know what else C-SNIP has been up to in the community?

Check out our 2019 Annual Report

C-SNIP COVID-19 Response & Preparedness Plan

The health and safety of our clients, our patients, our team members and the community is of utmost concern to us. While we were closed, we spent many hours redesigning our processes to reduce the spread of COVID-19 as we resumed operations.

If you are interested in learning more about these safety modifications, you can read our COVID-19 Response and Preparedness Plan here.