Holidays & Pets - A Quiz To Test Your Knowledge

We all want to make sure our pets are safe and happy during this hectic time of year. What you need to know, and what you might just find interesting!

1)    Are poinsettias poisonous to pets?

2)    Name five common holiday hazards?

3)   What percentage of Americans buy their pets holiday gifts?

4)    True of false: The holidays are a terrible time to add a new pet to your family!

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National Nonprofit Petco Love Invests in CSNIP TO
Save and Improve the Lives of Pets in West Michigan


Grand Rapids, MI (October 25, 2022) – CSNIP is set to receive a $30,000 grant investment from national nonprofit Petco Love in support of their lifesaving work for animals in the Grand Rapids area.

Petco Love is a national nonprofit leading change for pets by harnessing the power of love to make communities and pet families closer, stronger, and healthier. Since its founding in 1999, Petco Love has invested $330 million in adoption and other lifesaving efforts. And Petco Love helps pets in partnership with Petco and more than 4,000 organizations — like ours — across North America, with 6.5 million pets adopted and counting.

“Our investment in CSNIP is part of more than $15M in investments recently announced by Petco Love to power local organizations across the country as part of our commitment to create a future in which no pet is unnecessarily euthanized,” said Susanne Kogut, president of Petco Love. “Our local investments are only part of our strategy to empower animal lovers to drive lifesaving change right alongside us. We recently celebrated the one-year launch anniversary of Petco Love Lost, a national lost and found database that uses pet facial recognition technology to simplify the search for lost pets.”

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Subsidized dental care now available for senior dogs will eliminate pain and prevent disease.


Grand Rapids –Old dogs have something to wag about this summer, as The Grey Muzzle Organization announces the recipients of its annual grants, and dogs in West Michigan are among the winners.


CSNIP is one of 78 animal welfare groups chosen from 344 applicants to receive a grant to help local senior dogs. The winning groups received more than $705,000 in grants to help save or improve the lives of at-risk old dogs in their communities.


“Earlier this year we were able to add reduced-cost dental care to the list of crucial veterinary services CSNIP offers the public.  This grant will allow us to slide our already reduced fees lower for clients like Shadow giving her the dental care she needs,” said Sharon Caldwell-Newton, Executive Director of CSNIP. “No one is more grateful or loving than an old dog, and we’re looking forward to helping more senior dogs get the veterinary care they all deserve.”


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Pet Dental Quiz - Test Your Knowledge

Dental conditions are crucial to living a pain-free & healthy life for us & our pets.

How much do you know about your pet's teeth? Take this quiz and find out! 
1)    Who has more adult teeth, a dog, a cat, or a human?

2)    Which of these species can get cavities: dogs, cats, humans?

3)    Which of these species develop tartar and gingivitis: dogs, cats, humans?

4)    Name at least three signs of dental disease in pets.

5)    True of false: A cat will have all of its adult teeth by the time a human baby starts the teething process?

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Latest Annual Report - Read All The Highlights of the Last 20 Years

In 2021, we celebrated 20 years of serving pets and their people in West Michigan.  
We added new services, saw a record number of pets and did our 200,000 spay/neuter surgery.
We couldn't do a single thing without community support and are so grateful for our partners and donors who make it all possible.  
Click on the link to see highlights of the last 20 years and more details from 2021.

2021 Annual Report


Simply Put, CSNIP Volunteers Are The Best

Whether they are folding laundry, organizing surgical paperwork or putting on an event, CSNIP volunteers give their time and their talents to keep dogs and cats healthy, happy and in their homes.

Helping the animals of West Michigan is a big job that requires compassionate and dedicated people pitching in.

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Who knows? Maybe you will be inspired to join our team.

Ziggy Lou; Keeping His Family's Spirits High

Ziggy isn't just the perfect pandemic pet. He had important work to do for his family as they have faced a multitude of medical challenges.

His humans wanted us to share his story, which you can read by clicking here.

They are grateful for the role ´╗┐CSNIP and our supporters played in making sure Ziggy could continue his crucial job of keeping them smiling.

Polydactyl Cat Quiz - Test Your Knowledge

You probably know a polydactyl cat is a domestic cat with extra toes. You may have met a few in your life, or even lived with one. But what else do you know about cats with this genetic mutation? Take our quiz to test your knowledge.

1.True of False: Most polydactyl cats are female.

2.What US President had a polydactyl named Slippers?

3.Why did many sailors favor polydactyl cats as shipmates?

4.What famous author is closely associated with polydactyl cats?

´╗┐5.The average cat has 18 toes. How many toes does Jake, the world record holding polydactyl cat have?

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