Simply Put, C-SNIP Volunteers Are The Best

Whether they are folding laundry, organizing surgical paperwork or putting on an event, C-SNIP volunteers give their time and their talents to keep dogs and cats healthy, happy and in their homes.

Helping the animals of West Michigan is a big job that requires compassionate and dedicated people pitching in.

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Who knows? Maybe you will be inspired to join our team.

Ziggy Lou; Keeping His Family's Spirits High

Ziggy isn't just the perfect pandemic pet. He had important work to do for his family as they have faced a multitude of medical challenges.

His humans wanted us to share his story, which you can read by clicking here.

They are grateful for the role C-SNIP and our supporters played in making sure Ziggy could continue his crucial job of keeping them smiling.

Polydactyl Cat Quiz - Test Your Knowledge

You probably know a polydactyl cat is a domestic cat with extra toes. You may have met a few in your life, or even lived with one. But what else do you know about cats with this genetic mutation? Take our quiz to test your knowledge.

1.True of False: Most polydactyl cats are female.

2.What US President had a polydactyl named Slippers?

3.Why did many sailors favor polydactyl cats as shipmates?

4.What famous author is closely associated with polydactyl cats?

5.The average cat has 18 toes. How many toes does Jake, the world record holding polydactyl cat have?

Click here to find out the answers and learn more about these fascinating cats.

Employment Opportunity - Veterinary Scheduler/Client Services Representative


C-SNIP is looking for a part-time Veterinary Scheduler/Client Services Representative for a busy, fast-paced nonprofit spay/neuter and preventative care clinic. Committed to ease of booking, accessibility of service, and quality of care, customer service representatives strive to help people help their pets by arranging appointments, gathering and recording key information, and creating clear expectations of the spay/neuter and wellness processes. The position is approximately 20-25 hours per week with a possible combination of full and half-days. The ideal candidate has a flexible schedule to cover a shift when a coworker is sick or on PTO. Pay is $12-$13 per hour. Click here for details.

Employment Opportunity:  Join Our Team


C-SNIP is seeking a part-time (15-20 hrs/week) Campaign Coordinator/Executive Assistant.The position is responsible for executing the day-to-day operations associated with the campaign. This position serves on the campaign core team as the primary support to the Executive Director, volunteer campaign co-chairs, and campaign consultant. Duties include general clerical, volunteer communications, coordinating schedules for meetings, event logistics, and other project-based work related to the campaign. It is an hourly position, primarily as a remote, work from home employee, but with required attendance at Core team and cabinet meetings. The work schedule, outside of set meetings, can be flexible. Required evening or weekend work is not common.  More details and how to apply here.

Snippets Quarterly Newsletter - Winter 2022

Snippets is a publication of C-SNIP featuring our latest news, pet care tips, moving client stories and more.

Check out our newest edition.

2021 - A Record Setting Year

In addition to observing our 20th Anniversary, we hit numerous other milestones in 2021. From performing our 200,000th surgery, to helping a record setting 952 feral/community cats, it really was an amazing 12 months.

Check out these fun facts and figures.

BISSELL Pet Foundation Grant - Meet Tammy

Our surgical fees are already priced well below industry average. Still, there are animal caretakers in our community who need even more financial assistance to ensure their dog or cat never has an unplanned litter. This is where generous individuals and organizations like BISSELL Pet Foundation (BPF)  come in.

Tammy was one of the first cats helped by BPF this year and she is quite the character. 
Read Tammy's story and learn more about BISSELL Pet Foundation.