Relief Veterinarian

Job Description - Relief Veterinarian

Job Posting – Relief/contract Veterinarian for CSNIP

July 22, 2022


CSNIP, a nonprofit veterinary clinic celebrating 21 years of service, is growing, and expanding our team. The relief veterinarian will work with our medical team to provide high quality, high-volume wellness/primary care, spay/neuter, and soft tissue surgery in accordance with CSNIP’s medical protocols.  Relief veterinarians will be compensated on a per diem or hourly basis as an independent contractor. CSNIP is looking for relief veterinarians that are willing to commit to a regular work schedule, whether that is one day per week or one day per month. Relief veterinarians typically work an 8-9 hour shift from 9am-5:30pm on weekdays. The relief work will mostly consist of primary and wellness care provided through CSNIP’s Community Well Pet Clinic, although some spay/neuter and soft tissue surgery may be included at CSNIP’s high-volume surgical clinic in Kentwood, MI.

CSNIP provides veterinary care to the pets and people that need us the most, those that are unable to access care through traditional veterinary practices. CSNIP’s team of medical professionals serve approximately 20,000 animals annually at our three clinics—and there are many more that need our help. Our mission is to prevent pet overpopulation and improve the quality of life for dogs, cats, and their caregivers with accessible, high-quality, reduced cost veterinary care.


If this sounds like an opportunity for you, please send an email indicating your interest to