For the afternoon after surgery

  • Food and water is fine.
    • Don’t be surprised if they aren’t interested in eating tonight.
    • They may vomit if they eat tonight and if so, wait to feed them more until morning.
    • They should return to normal eating tomorrow.
  • Your Dog had outpatient surgery today.
    • Shaking, whining, and restlessness are all side effects of the anesthesia they were given and are not due to pain.
    • All of these symptoms should resolve by morning so re-evaluate how they act tomorrow and contact us if you feel more pain medication is needed.
  • Two different pain medications have been given today and will be working in their systems for 24 hours.
    • No additional pain medications are needed during the 24 hours following surgery
    • Do not use over-the-counter pain medications unless instructed by C-SNIP or your veterinarian

For the Next 10 Days

  • Limit their exercise.
    • Leash walks by hand only.  No tie outs. No running in a fenced yard.
    • No baths or swimming
    • Indoor/outdoor pets should be kept in a clean environment.
  • Check the incision twice a day, in the morning and at night.
    • Some swelling is normal as the incision heals.
    •  Female dogs may develop a seroma. This is a collection of fluid underneath the incision in the form of a lump. They usually resolve over time without treatment.
    • Some seeping from the incision is expected but should be minimal.
    • Prevent licking of the incision.  If licking is uncontrollable, a “cone” collar may be necessary and can be purchased at C-SNIP or a pet supply store.
    • The sutures used in the incision are dissolvable and are buried under the skin so they do not need to be removed.
  • If there are any questions or concerns directly related to the surgery during the recovery period, please call the office at (616) 455-8220 Option 2. For evenings and weekend recovery/incision advice ONLY call (616) 350-6966.