We prevent pet overpopulation and improve the quality of life for dogs, cats, and their caregivers with accessible, high-quality, reduced-cost veterinary care.

All dogs and cats will be healthy, happy, and in loving homes. We empower caregivers to break the heart-wrenching cycle of overpopulation and health-related pet surrender by providing high-quality, reduced cost spay/neuter and wellness services. We believe that accessible veterinary care improves the lives of the animals, the people who love them, and the community in which they live.

Spay and Neuter Surgeries Performed Since 2001


  • In 2021, we celebrated 20 years of serving West Michigan pets and their people.  Our Annual Report is now available and highlights milestones from the last 20 years plus all the important details and fun stories from 2021.  Check it out here.
  •  Senior dogs have something to wag about! We are honored to receive a grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization to support our lifesaving work for senior dogs. Together with Grey Muzzle, we're leading the way to ensure every senior dog thrives in their golden years. #GreyMuzzleGrant #SavingSeniorsTogether Learn more here
  • We are growing and expanding our team. To meet the communities' needs, we are hiring a full-time Staff Veterinarian who will work closely with the Medical Director and Leadershp Team to provide high quality surgery and wellness services. Learn more here.
    We are also hiring relief veterinarians to work on a contract basis in our three clinics where we serve approximately 20,000 animals a year.  Learn more here.


  • Introducing dental care and other soft-tissue surgery!  At C-SNIP we exist to serve those who cannot otherwise access or afford veterinary care, but our services are available for every pet.  Our focus will always be reducing pet-overpopulation through spay/neuter, but we know that other preventative services and surgical care can keep dogs and cats happy, healthy and in their homes.  For a few years we have offered additional routine care through our Community Well Pet Clinic.  We are thrilled to announce we are now able to expand those services to reduced cost dental care and numerous other procedures.  Learn more here.  

Easy, straight forward, and affordable

"I got my cat spayed 2 years ago. The process was easy, straight forward and made having a healthy happy pet an affordable choice. They even gave her a toy in her carrier that she still plays with today! Great job, thank you!" - Kaitlynnn G

Kitten Pile

"This kitten pile just got fixed on Monday!! We could have never gotten them all fixed along with their mom and a male cat without C-SNIP! They are all doing great!"

Amanda B.


“Simba was fixed at 6 months old and has no interest in the female strays that wander by my house.”

Erica N.