waiting in line

Only humans wait in line at check-in. Dogs and cats stay in the car to keep them as stress free as possible on surgery day (lucky critters).

empty cat carriers

We use every inch of available space at C-SNIP. Cats come into the clinic in carriers, which are stored in the hallway.

cat check in

Before hitting their kennels, cats weigh-in and see the doc for a quick pre-op screening exam.

cat website

Thanks to a core of wonderful volunteers, each cat also gets their own catnip toy to bat around while they wait for surgery.

dog website

Meanwhile, on the other side of the clinic, dogs receive the same pre-op exam and weigh in. They get a sedative shot instead of catnip, though.

Surg Prep

During surgery prep, all animals get their nails trimmed, ears checked, and their abdomens shaved.


C-SNIP has heavy duty cleaning protocols. Once all the pets are out for the day, the whole room gets sprayed, scrubbed, and a timer is set to let the solution do its work.

phot 4

There is always more laundry to be done. Each animal creates at least 6 pieces of laundry during their stay.

Pick up

Whether clients pick up at 4pm (dogs) or bright and early at 7:30am (cats), seeing pets reunited with the people who care enough to spay/neuter... Best moment of the day.