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Who can utilize C-SNIP's reduced-cost spay/neuter services?

Anyone caring for a dog or cat may use C-SNIP, but due to limited time, space and funding we give highest priority to financially challenged owners.

Why doesn't C-SNIP have a means test?

C-SNIP strives to reduce or remove any and all barriers to an owner or caretaker's decision to spay and neuter. Not all barriers are financial, some are based on accessibility and some are based on priority.

Do people who can afford a veterinarian take advantage of you?

Yes, and sometimes this happens. But our experience is that the vast majority of our clients would not have their pets sterilized if it were not for C-SNIP. Even those who can afford a private vet may not prioritize the decision to spay and neuter. Our systems are designed to make it easy and affordable for an owner or caretaker to provide this service to their dog or cat and to the community at large.

What are the age and weight restrictions for surgery?

We ask that your pet be at least 2 months and 2 healthy pounds.