Myth: Animals become fat and lazy after being fixed.

Truth: In some cases, animals' appetites do increase following the procedure but   your pet is unlikely to become overweight if owner gives proper health care (diet/exercise).

Myth: We don't need to neuter males because they aren't the ones having litters.

Truth: It takes two to tango and male cats are always fertile and can impregnate hundreds of females each year.

Myth: Dogs and cats cannot be safely fixed while pregnant.

Truth: Dogs and cats can be spayed while pregnant.

Myth: Preventing animals from having a litter is unnatural.

Truth: We have already interfered with nature by domesticating cats and dogs which has resulted in overpopulation problems.  It is now our responsibility to solve this problem.

Myth: It is better to allow females to have at least one litter before she is fixed.

Truth: There is no evidence that having at least one litter with benefit the animal. In fact, spayed females are healthier and 200 times less likely to develop breast cancer.

Myth: An animal's behavior is adversely affected by surgery.

Truth: The only changes in behavior are positive. There is less territorial spraying with males, less fighting between animals which can reduce injuries and the spread of disease. Also,pets wander less because of the reduced urge to mate and feel more content in a human environment.