What is C-SNIP?

Community Spay/Neuter Initiative Partnership—C-SNIP—is a non-profit, 501(C) (3) organization whose mission is to reduce the over-population of dogs and cats by providing quality, reduced cost spay and neuter services and by supporting humane population control.

Who staffs C-SNIP?

C-SNIP has paid, professional veterinarians, veterinary technicians, veterinary assistants, and full and part-time office staff. C-SNIP also depends on numerous volunteers to support its efforts. The C-SNIP Board consists of volunteer members who have expertise in animal welfare, education, business, law and fundraising.

doc2How is C-SNIP different from other animal welfare agencies?

C-SNIP's primary focus is to proactively prevent and alleviate overpopulation by spaying and neutering dogs and cats. We do not offer rescue, adoption, or sheltering service.

Does C-SNIP work with other animal welfare agencies?

Yes. C-SNIP works closely with the Kent County Animal Shelter, Humane Society of West Michigan, Pound Buddies Rescue, Noah Project, Barry County Humane Society, Pet Resource Network, Boxers R Us, Great Lakes Weimeraners, Heaven Can Wait, Harbor Humane Society, just to name a few.

Has C-SNIP had an impact on animal over-population?

Every time one more cat or dog is neutered, the problem of over-population is eased. The 133,000+ surgeries performed by C-SNIP have prevented the birth of puppies and kittens with little chance of survival, much less placement in a safe and caring home. It is difficult to measure C-SNIP's specific regional impact since our service is used by caretakers from all over Michigan.

Why don't you sterilize ferrets, rabbits and other companion animals?

At the moment the overpopulation crisis involves only dogs and cats. These are the animals most often abandoned or relinquished to shelters where most are euthanized.

How old must my pet be before it is neutered?

We ask that your pet be at least 2 months and 2 healthy pounds.

Is my pet required to have vaccinations before it is neutered?

No, vaccinations are not required to perform spay/neuter surgery. However, the best protection against infectious disease is if your pet is current on its vaccinations to avoid contracting infectious diseases. C-SNIP encourages regular veterinary care for every pet so they have the best chance for a long and healthful life.

Does C-SNIP ever close due to inclement weather?

If inclement weather forces C-SNIP to close, we will post notice of the closing here on our website, on Facebook and on WZZM TV13. Clients will receive individual telephone calls to reschedule surgey for their pets, once the clinic reopens.